Rooted in the experiences and accomplishments of the Treatment as Prevention Strategy (TasP®), Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention (STOP) HIV/AIDS Program (STOP HIV/AIDS®), is a province-wide initiative for health professionals and community partners to better engage people living with HIV/AIDS, and specific at-risk groups, in HIV testing and treatment and to optimize support services.

Through the STOP HIV/AIDS® Program, a dedicated QI team developed and implemented two highly successful Structured Learning Collaborative initiatives, which resulted in significant improvements along the HIV continuum of care and better health outcomes for people living with HIV in BC. The BC-CfE has demonstrated its ability to successfully effect positive change along the HIV continuum of care and is continuing to use this approach with other chronic conditions that impact clients living with HIV/AIDS, such as opioid use disorder (BOOST Collaborative) and psychosis (TOP Collaborative).

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