Learning Session 4 moments in photos !

The Session was an opportunity for teams to come together and share their progress to date, refine their QI skills and plan for Action Period 5. DCHC, Connections, IDC, Ravensong MH&SU, Pender, Ravensong PC and PHS teams highlighting their QI work on one of 3 categories; Diagnosis and initiation on therapy, retention on OAT, or Quality of life through a 5minute rapid fire presentation.

Dr. Ron Joe, the South MH&SU and the START team spoke to the teams about the effect of OAT optimal dosing in retention on therapy. Participants heard from Clemens Steinbock, Project Director, HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation, on the importance of QI over data. Participants were given the time to work with their team members to identify change ideas within the 3 rapid fire presentation categories they would work on in the next action period.