BOOST Collaborative Learning Session 4 – Rapid Fire Presentations

DownTown Community Health Centre Rapid Fire Presentation

John Ruedy Immunodeficiency Clinic Rapid Fire Presentation

Raven Song Mental Health and Substance Use Rapid Fire Presentation

Pender Community Health Centre Rapid Fire Presentation

DownTown East Side Connections Rapid Fire Presentation

Raven Song Community Health Centre Rapid Fire Presentation

Portland Hotel Society Rapid Fire Presentation

BOOST Collaborative Learning Session 4, September 2018

Moving from Data to QI

Optimum Dosing-OAT Treatment

BOOST Collaborative Update

Methadone Prescriber Practice and Client Retention

Rapid Suboxone Induction-A Road to OAT Retention

BOOST Collaborative Learning Session 3, June 2018

BOOST Update

Learning session 3 Panel Discussion

OAT Transitions-Focus on Microdosing

BOOST Collaborative Learning Session 2, March 2018

Overdose Emergency Response Centre

Current Topics in Concurrent Disorders

BOOST Collaborative Learning Session 1, December 2017

BOOST Collaborative Progress

Hearing From Teams in Action!

Model for Improvement: Testing Changes Using PDSA Cycles

BOOST Collaborative Launch September, 2017

Welcoming Remarks

Welcome Message


BOOST Collaborative Overview

Opioid Use in Vancouver 2017- Current State

Improving oOAT with System Change

BOOST Collaborative Aims and Expectations

BOOST Collaborative Measurement Strategy

Closing Remarks