BOOST Collaborative

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access to the QI Environment on Profile EMR?

If you do not have access to the QI Environment on Profile EMR, please email Cole Stanley at to gain access.

I can't edit the prescription form once it is created on Profile EMR?

After saving and printing, the prescription forms cannot be edited. This allows us to say that they are true duplicate copies. If you made a mistake and have to shred a prescription you made, or you need to make a correction, that means just like with the paper pads, you have to just create a new prescription form. You can then delete the incorrect prescriptions from where they are attached in the encounter note.

Do I have to fill out the entire form every time I used it?

No. The form does not require you to fill out all fields. We encourage you to use the form in a way that is most convenient to you and your team.

Can nurses use the OUD Form too?

Yes! Please encourage the use of the OUD Form in Profile EMR by both physicians and nurses.