Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS, or STOP HIV/AIDS® is a province wide initiative that allows health professionals and community partners to better engage people living with HIV/AIDS and specific at-risk groups in HIV testing, treatment and care, and optimize support services.

More effective treatment regimens are enhancing the quality of life and health of those living with HIV. Evidence shows along with standard health promotion and disease prevention efforts (e.g. building resilience, education and harm reduction), treatment can prevent transmission. BC is leading the way in its efforts to combat the epidemic. BC-CfE researcher indicates BC is the only province in Canada showing a consistent decline in new HIV diagnoses, in part due to the widespread avail- ability of free antiretroviral treatment (ART) in the province. The study found that new HIV diagnoses in BC have dropped from 900 new cases each year in the mid-1990s, to 289 new cases in 2011.

  • It’s about creating a movement here in Vancouver to change the course of history by changing the course of HIV

  • We believe that treatment as prevention is the model of care and containment that will best help China meet its goal of bringing HIV and AIDS under control by 2015

  • If people with HIV are treated early, they are less likely to pass the virus on to others

  • I am pleased to announce the provincial expansion of the STOP HIV/AIDS program. By reaching and engaging more British Columbians at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, not only will better care be provided, the treatment will also significantly reduce the spread of the virus

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